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Curd drainers and portioners

Particularly suitable for delicate curds such as those for making taleggio, crescenza, gorgonzola, feta, white cheese, and so on, these systems enable the curd arriving from the coagulation vat to be drained and distributed in block molds of various sizes.

The main components of the system include: a hopper into which the curd is poured, a variable-speed revolving draining drum, a chute with a  hopper fitted with a scraper for the transfer of the product to the block molds, a shelf that can be raised to bring the molds into  position, and an automatic spatula for portioning. At the end of the process, there is a system for moving the block molds, that are stacked by the operator on the final part of the conveyor belt.

The system is fitted with an electric panel for controlling the turning speed of the draining drum, the shelf lifting system, the conveyor chains and the spatula.

The system enables the filling of approximately 3 block molds a minute. This rate can vary, depending on the type of curd and the quantity of whey it contains.

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